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Obviously I was disappointed with the outcome of the election in St Helier District 3/4, but I do want to pay tribute to my proposer and seconders, who gave me the opportunity to present my ideas to the voting public and supported me throughout the campaign, as I discovered when calling upon constituents.

I also thank all of you who voted for me and I sincerely hope that those who did do not consider that they “wasted” their vote. The election was not a “personality contest”, but was about presenting political concepts to the voters. My manifesto in the official States of Jersey pamphlet was virtually unique in not only highlighting the most important issue - population growth, but in also providing practical solutions to the problem - as opposed to promises about conducting reviews and/ or “looking into” things. I would further suggest that my free to access website manifesto actually represents £Tens of thousands in consultancy work (at latest rates!) and, if the suggested strategies were followed, they would save Jersey millions of pounds on an ongoing basis.

Regretably, I detect no signs of any major change in our fundamentally flawed economic policy based on increasing the numbers of residents to tax. Net immigration will continue to be positive, applying increasing pressure on all aspects of residential accommodation and, more importantly, the Island infrastructure that supports it. A reckoning is inevitable, but the longer it takes to get there, the more dramatic the outcome and the more draconian the required solutions.

Meanwhile, stand by for continued dismal efforts at electoral reform, as our States Assembly refuses to come to terms with the overwhelming public demand for an Island-wide vote. All voters on an equal footing in one constituency, with the same choice of candidates and the same number of votes to exercise, as opposed to all the other “vote according to your residential address”, gerrymander options.

Plenty to look forward to for those concerned about the future of our Island

Best wishes