Press Release

It is my intention to “hit the ground running” with a number of proposals that include a permanent solution to Jersey’s morning peak time traffic congestion and the re­orientation of the Island’s utility services, which do not provide sufficient advantages and benefits to local consumers – eventhough they are partially or wholly owned by Island residents.

On a longer term basis, I consider that Jersey must confront its ever increasing population. It has become clear that current and historic policies have failed and we cannot keep trying to “pour a quart (1.14 litres) into a pint pot (0.57 litres)”.

Jersey has seen only marginal benefits from its association with the European Economic Community and, subsequently, the E.U. ­so in the light of events in the United Kingdom, the Island should act to enhance its position.

I am not satisfied with the Council of Ministers declared strategy of maintaining the “status quo”. In respect of freedom of movement, Jersey must adopt policies that will mean “taking control” of our immigration and population growth, which are now seriously impacting upon our public services.

Controlling immigration will also require a re­assessment of Jersey’s economic model, which is based around continued growth. This is becoming unsustainable at the same time as our major industry, financial services, is facing renewed external pressures. I intend to promote alternative and realistic options for the future of the Island’s economy based more closely on its natural resources.

I will continue my straight talking approach - in contrast with the more widely used technique of “telling voters what they want to hear”.

I sense voters are becoming weary of “stealth taxes” being variously described as charges, fees, licenses and levies. I consider that increasing tax should be a last resort and not the convenient and easy option that seems to be developing. I undertake to provide the alternative and creative thinking that will, hopefully, take Jersey on a new path to a prosperous future and – perhaps – raise the level of debate in our parliamentary Assembly.

Please vote for Guy de Faye as one of your four Deputies in St. Helier District No.3/ 4

Thank you